• Hello GTSxs! It's Playsonic2 here, I introduced myself a few months ago (below).

    I have just seen the teaser for Season 2 that came out today and figured I would mention again that I'm available here if you need any assistance. If you have any wiki plans you would like to work on ahead of the new season, I'd be happy to collaborate with anything.

    I was also thinking I could help out with a new design for the wiki, mainly with a background image tailored around Narcos: Mexico, but also colors and some other details. It would be great to have your input on this, and I also will be sharing my work with you before I modify anything.

    See you!

    Playsonic2 @fandom
    Wiki Manager, TV/Movies team

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    • Hi Playsonic2, good to meet you!

      I'd appreciate any help in improving the design and the UI of the wiki. If possibe, I'd like your help in revamping the main page. I'm thinking of adding a character portal featuring the really important characters, and another portal for all the seasons. It's best to make the wiki more visually appealing to attract more views/users. Thanks for your interest in the wiki!

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    • Hey GTSxs, great to hear back from you.

      I think it's a wonderful idea to revamp the main page, so that we can show all that can be found on the wiki, which can have direct impact on attracting more visitors. I'm excited to help with that and will start coming up with some things for it so you can have a look :)

      In the meantime, I worked on the following image for the background of the wiki - if you are ok with this, I can set it as the background soon.

      Background test Narcos Mexico
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    • Hey GTS - Just letting you know I modified the design to test and see how this looked.

      I uploaded the above image, switched the colors and also the top area (new logo and image). If there is anything you dislike, it can always be modified of course.

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    • Hey GTS, I finished creating some new sections for the main page and added them there, such as a character portal. I still have it pending to add another section for the seasons and hope to get to that soon.

      If there is anything you dislike or would like to modify a bit, we can always go over it! Cheers.

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    • It's great. Thanks for the help.

      I'd suggest replacing Kiki's wife and the two minor DEA agents with Calderoni, Isabella and Benjamin Arellano since they would be gaining more relevancy next season. After the second season ends, we could add another portal for the drug cartels portrayed in the show.

      You don't need my opinion to make any changes. Do as you like. Once again, thanks a lot for your help.

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