Rafael Enrique Clavel was Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo's right-hand man.

He had an affair with Guadalupe Palma, wife of drug lord Héctor Palma Salazar. Félix Gallardo ordered Palma's murder after the latter decided planned on breaking away from the Guadalajara cartel. Clavel warned Guadalupe about the attack, which resulted in Palma going into hiding with his family. Months later, on the insistence of other Sinaloan traffickers, Félix allowed Palma back to the organization; only after having Clavel murder Guadalupe and her children as punishment for spilling the beans. Clavel reluctantly shot Guadalupe and her two children, and dropped their bodies from a bridge over a river.

After the murders, Félix Gallardo cut all ties with Clavel. Clavel found employment as a shoe salesman in a boutique in Mexico City. However, Palma tracked him down and beat him to death with a baseball bat.

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