Judy Moncada (née Mendoza) was a Colombian former drug trafficker and a member of the Los Pepes paramilitary organization. She fled Colombia in 1994, and lives in the United States as part of a witness protection program.

Her husband, Gerardo Moncada was one of Pablo Escobar's lieutenants. While imprisoned in the La Catedral, Escobar suspected Gerardo of stealing and had his men murder him. Judy swore revenge after news of her husband's death came public, and along with her brother Jaime Mendoza and the Medellín cartel's security chief Diego Murillo Bejarano, broke away from Escobar's organization, seizing control of several cocaine labs and began trafficking drugs. The Colombian government forced Escobar out of his private prison, and upon his return, he killed Jaime and took a few of Moncada's labs.

Judy wanted complete control of Medellín, and approached Escobar's rivals, the Cali cartel for help. The Cali cartel decided to take advantage of Judy's desire of revenge by luring Escobar's men into her laboratories, killing Escobar's massive army and destroying Moncada's labs. Judy, unaware of the manipulation continued to supply information to the Cali cartel. She suggests Hélmer Herrera to form a partnership with the AUC, a right-wing paramilitary group which sought to eliminate Escobar due to his collaboration with left-wing paramilitary groups before. While the Cali cartel refused to join with the AUC at the beginning, they agree to the partnership after Escobar bombed the wedding of Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela's daughter, Marta, forming the Los Pepes organization. The group eliminated several associates and sicarios in succession, but also actively went after Judy's labs on the orders of the Cali cartel, seizing Judy's cocaine as the Cali cartel felt that in order to effectively choke Escobar, no cocaine should be exported out of Medellín. The Los Pepes group also indiscriminately massacred civilians while hunting down Escobar's soldiers.

After the death of Escobar, the Los Pepes suddenly laid down their arms without consulting Judy. Judy then realized that the Cali cartel had no intentions of making her a partner, as they gave several tonnes of cocaine to the AUC, allowing them to enter the drug trade. The AUC unsuccessfully try to assassinate Judy with a car bomb, forcing her to work for the DEA to rat out the Cali cartel. This caused Diego to betray her. He took her to an airfield and gave her two options: leave Colombia and work as informant for the CIA, or stay in Colombia and survive all by herself against the Cali cartel and the Castaño brothers of the AUC. She took the former option, and went to America to work as a rat for the CIA. She gave an interview to an American newspaper in which she blamed DEA agent Javier Peña for the rise of the Los Pepes, absolving the CIA and the Cali cartel for the roles in the rise of the violent paramilitary organization.

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